Authorized Google Workspace Reseller

Debug 911 has helped hundreds of users to migrate their email to Google Workspace (previously G Suite) since 2010.

In 2012 Debug 911 became an official Google Workspace Reseller. Just a couple month after officially signing up with Google, we migrated the most number of users of all new Google Workspace Resellers in the Chicago area during spring of 2012. 

Cost Savings

If your company wants to have an email/contacts/calendar system that just works, is low maintenance, low cost and really, really easy to use - let us help your company to leverage the powerful messaging and collaboration tools Google Apps has to offer.

No downtime

A typical migration is done over a weekend. Once all is ready to go, we start Friday late afternoon and by Monday morning all your employees will be using Google Workspace on their desktops and laptop computers as well as on their smartphones and tablets. As you know, time is money - and when you are being migrated to Google Workspace by Debug 911, it is a seamless process that does not interrupt your business.  The videos below will give you a good idea what Google Apps is about. Please contact us for any questions, we'll be glad to help you.