Free Bitdefender with our Managed Service

Free Bit Defender

With Bitdefender, LMI AV offers a variety of security capabilities, including:

  • Antimalware: Enables organizations to perform and schedule on-demand full scans, quick local scans and on-access scans to examine endpoints.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Guards against cyber threats.
  • Policy Assignment: Configures settings centrally for groups of computers.
  • Device Control: Allows organizations to automatically scan or block USB drives when connected to computers.
  • Anti-Phishing: Protects end users against fraudulent websites when browsing.
  • Traffic Scan: Monitors HTTP, POP3 and SMTP traffic for malware.
  • Exclusions: Ensures organizations can exclude folders or files from scanning via central policies.
  • Antimalware Alerts: Provides notifications when issues with antimalware software on an endpoint occur.