What can Cloud Computing do for your business?

- Remember last time you lost all your emails and contacts?  

When using the Cloud and setting up your devices the right way, this you will never happen again.

- Are you tired of web hosting services and web designers sucking money out of you?

By using the cloud you don't need expensive designers and services. Your fees will be predictable and low. Many clients save 50% or more in the first year when they start using the Cloud.

- Are you still showing pdf's to your customers instead of letting your customer just click to order?  

Our Cloud solution for shopping cart plug-in is one of the least expensive in the industry. No monthly fees and you only pay when you do have actual sales. 

- Do you want easy access to your documents anywhere and from any device?  

With Cloud based file systems you can access your files from anywhere and purchase inexpensive mobile devices instead of expensive servers.

- Have you ever worried that a lost mobile device could expose sensitive information?

No more worries, mobile devices can be wiped from remote without even touching them.

- Do you wish you could get your Email, CRM and customer database to talk to each other without spending a fortune?

Now you can. Once your data is migrated, Cloud technology lets all your information flow freely and effortless.


Cost Savings

Depending on the size of your organization and number of employees you could save from hundreds to thousands of Dollars per year.


Running your own email server or hosted exchange service could be as much as $1000 / month or $12000 per year for 30 users.

With Google Apps Cloud, annual cost would be less than $2000 per year.


Cloud Benefits

- Security First: 

Google has one of the most secure server farms on the planet

- Stay connected from anywhere and any device

No matter where you are, office, home, at a client, in court, in a meeting,  on a train, a plane, a bus, etc, etc - you can access your stuff

- Improve Teamwork

Calendars, contacts, emails, files - all shared with a click on a button. Easy to use collaboration tools for better teamwork 

- Get stuff done faster

With documents shared via the Cloud, you will never have to email another document or find out what the latest version is.

- Go Green

Google Data centers are powered by some of the most energy efficient servers on the planet. As a result we help to reduce your carbon footprint by using this service vs energy inefficient servers at your own location.