About us

Debug 911 Computer Plumber was founded in 1996 in Chicago.  Initially, the company provided consulting services to Fortune 100 companies in North America and Europe.

Since 1999 the company has been providing computer support services to home users, as well as to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States.

Debug 911 Computer Plumber offers help to those who are frustrated and struggling because their computers are slow to respond or have crashed, as well as many users that want to avoid problems with preventive maintenance in the first place. Since many users depend on computers for their everyday lives, users of all walks of life can be affected in many different ways. 

Consequences can reach from reduced academic success to complete business failure – and we can help – without breaking the budget.

We work different than all the other computer support companies in our field. We know how to get the job done – the first time.  With nearly every service we offer guarantees that our competition does not match.

How can we do that? It’s simple – every one of our technicians in the field has to undergo training and pass a test before we send them out to clients. We call this the “Debug 911 Certification”.  During this process our technicians learn not only how to troubleshoot problems, but how to solve them in a time efficient manner.  

Only then, we are confident that we can keep up our high standards.

As a result we have perfected computer support to an unmatched craft and we are confident to say“If we cannot fix your problem, you won’t have to pay us”. 

We can honestly say this happens very rarely..

Give it a try and contact us today at our Toll-Free number  (866) DEBUG 911 for a same day appointment.